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Brand: Koss
Product Code: Koss-SportaPro

“If you want small, affordable on-ear headphones that sound great, the Koss SportaPro is for you if you’re willing to give up some modern comforts. Yes, these headphones have 1980s-style foam earpads. Yes, they have a plastic chassis and a thin metal headband that might catch on your hair. And no, they don’t come with an in-line remote or microphone. What they do have is a nice, natural-sounding midrange that sounds great with most music genres. And they come with a carrying pouch. All of that makes for a pretty compelling package at under $30.”

The Wire Cutter


The Koss Sporta Pro are the perfect headphones for an active listener who needs to move from the living room to boardroom to locker room without missing a beat. Combining the sound reproduction of the Koss Porta Pro with a unique design that allows over-the-head or behind-the-head wearing, the Sporta Pro won’t interfere with hats or hairstyles – a prime portable headphone.

With Mylar elements ensuring accurate sound reproduction and minimal mechanical distortion, Koss Sporta Pros are a lightweight headphones that also feature computer-optimized rare-earth magnet structures (neodymium, iron and boron), which deliver uncommon sound clarity no matter what volume you listen at – even with low-voltage DVD and MP3 players.

The Sporta Pro’s comfortable ear cushions allow you to stay in touch with your surroundings. At a mere two ounces, Sporta Pros feel practically weightless, even after hours of high fidelity listening. Collapse them down into a compact protective package and tuck them into your briefcase, gym bag, or backpack on your way back to the office.



  • Active lightweight travel headphones
  • Dynamic elements deliver deep bass and a wide frequency response
  • Oxygen-free copper voice coils improve signal transmission for cleaner, clearer sound
  • Numerous details for comfort: multi-pivoting ear plates, cushioned pads, foam ear cushions
  • Straight, dual entry 4 foot cord
  • Gold-flashed 3.5 mm (1/8") plug
  • Without microphone