Anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet would probably enjoy owning a portable Bluetooth speaker, which can improve the listening experience anywhere.  Bluetooth is available in every current smartphone and tablet as well as in most laptop computers, so you don’t need any additional equipment.  Portable Bluetooth speakers have a rechargeable battery and are frequently waterproof or water resistant, so you can easily take them all around the house or to the beach.

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Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Waterproof Portable Wireless (Bluetooth) Speaker

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM™ Welcome to the world of Ultimate Ears. Hear your music like never before ..

KWD 29.900

Riva Turbo X Premium Wireless (Bluetooth) Speaker

“We think the Riva Turbo X is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers you can buy. Its sound is ..

KWD 69.900

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Waterproof Portable Wireless (Bluetooth) Speaker

UE BOOM 2 UE BOOM 2 is the 360-degree wireless speaker that blasts loud, insanely great sound with ..

KWD 54.900

Riva Arena Package: Compact Multi-Room Wireless (Bluetooth) Speaker with BATTERY

Riva Arena - Compact Multi-Room “+” Speaker Overview Best-in-class connectivity options Un..

KWD 99.900

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Waterproof Portable Wireless (Bluetooth) Speaker

UE MEGABOOM UE MEGABOOM is a portable wireless speaker on steroids. Blast freakishly amazing 360-de..

KWD 69.000